Invest in Pereira, the investment promotion agency for Pereira and Risaralda, organized an event on March 8th with the purpose of commemorating its 5 years of creation and operation in which it exalted the 23 companies that have established operations in the region and that have generated around 8,500 direct jobs.

In the context of this event, the Mayor’s Office imposed the honorary distinction “Orden Cruz de los Fundadores” to Lic. Luis Narro, President of American Assist International, and recognized the organization for its investment in Pereira, emphasizing in the fact that it was the first company that being the first company that used the services of Invest in Pereira, and believed in Pereira as an unbeatable location for its operations since 2010. The Major also highlighted the company’s contribution to Pereira’s development, in terms of job creation: 270 direct jobs in customer service, and an average of 300 direct jobs for outbound telemarketing. 

It makes us feel very proud to share this news with you. We extend our congratulations to all the subsidiaries for contributing to the growth of the organization. We will keep insisting on developing solid bases that allows us to mark the difference.

We keep on growing…