Manager Board Meeting

The annual manager board meeting American Assist International took place on November 30th 2015 in Cancun, with the participation of its board of directors headed by its president Lic. Luis Alberto Narro Robles, and followed by the representatives of the 22 countries where American Assist has operations.

The official opening was a welcome dinner in which our President said very touching words, pointing out that “we know that we have the strength and everything it takes to achieve the goals that we have set. We are people that understand the service, that we are meant to serve everyone that needs it, because if someone here does not have the integrity to give itself and serve others, he or she does not have to be here. We are a company that never goes trough a pre-established path, we are a company that creates, innovates, that undertakes new paths.”

Pier Della Schiava, Executive Director, presented the new organization of the board of directors of American Assist, its functions, as well as those of Concentra, and the creation of the new General Audit Office.

During the session, several issues were set to develop and implement, a vast array of options and projects, innovative services in order to continue providing the best assistance to our clients. In addition to that, the 2016 budgets of all branches were reviewed, showing an important increase income, fact that shows American Assist’s share market growth.