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American Assist International aims to be a world leader in assistance services, delivering innovative and sophisticated products to our clients and ensuring the highest quality service standards. Our products are designed to be a market differentiator that add value to our corporate clients' core product lines and deliver substantial risk free revenues directly to the bottom line. We add value to our corporate clients businesses by promoting their brands and products through our services.

By offering products that deliver a competitive differentiation, we increase new client acquisition and customer loyalty. 

  1. Tools on wooden Surface

    Home Assistance

  2. road

    Road Assistance

  3. holding hands

    60+ Assistance

  4. Truck

    Commercial Vehicle Assistance

  5. Motocycle Red

    Motorcycle Assistance

  6. justice-scale-and-gavel

    Legal Assistance

  7. Bell

    Personal Assistant

  8. shot-glass-with-car-keys-and-handcuffs

    Driver Replacement

  9. Doctor with Clipboard

    Medical Assistance

  10. Hard Disk

    IT Assistance

  11. Leather Vintage Briefcase on Hardwood Floor

    SME Assistance

  12. Tunnel

    Funeral Assistance

  13. .

    Pet Assistance